Could I be pregnant?

Acouple days ago in the middle of the night I randomly started feeling sick and ended up vomitting and chunks of food came out with it, and today I started crying for no reason like I didn't know why and I didn't even feel sad or anything and I've been peeing a lot lately, I haven't had a period since the last time I had sex but that was about 2 weeks ago? Maybe and I never had any bleeding or anything for like implantation?


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  • Those symptoms can be from anything. It's way too early to show pregnancy symptoms since you had your period two weeks ago. The symptoms that you list actually make me want to tell you to get your blood sugar checked asap. Those are the exact symptoms my son had when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 2. It can kill you if left undiagnosed. I know of several children who died because they were left undiagnosed. I also know of children who are currently suffering severe brain damage because they received a wrong diagnosis by doctors (who didn't check for type 1 diabetes) and the real problem was missed.

    • I didn't have my period two weeks ago.

    • Symptoms:
      Extreme weakness and/or tiredness
      Extreme thirst—dehydration
      Increased urination
      Abdominal pain
      Nausea and/or vomiting
      Blurry vision
      Wounds that don’t heal well
      Irritability or quick mood changes

      There are also signs of type 1 diabetes. Signs are different from symptoms in that they can be measured objectively; symptoms are experienced and reported by the patient. Signs of type 1 diabetes include:

      Weight loss—despite eating more
      Rapid heart rate
      Reduced blood pressure (falling below 90/60)
      Low body temperature (below 97º F)

    • You said, "I haven't had a period since the last time I had sex but that was about 2 weeks ago". Either your period was two weeks ago or the sex. The way it is worded is confusing. When exactly was your last period? Regardless, you won't have increased urination if you just got pregnant. That doesn't happen until the baby is sitting on your bladder because there's no room left. That usually happens in the later stages of pregnancy.


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  • It is a possibility that you could be pregnant. See a Dr. to know for sure

  • It's quite possible. Take the test if you want to know

  • I do not think pregnancy can cause vomiting so quickly.


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  • It's really too soon to say. The vomiting could be food poisoning. Frequent urination isn't really a symptom of early pregnancy either (late pregnancy, yes). Calm down for now.

  • It's possible, if you're really worried you can always grab a pregnancy test.

    • But it's only been awhile, how long should i wait?

    • Google it? But u personally wouldn't freak out just yet. Maybe wait a few more weeks and then check it out.

  • Just wait a few weeks but until you can find out for sure BE CAREFUL I've been there and I ended up losing my baby because I was being stupid which with you being under 18 I know you might not want a kid at this age but if you are pregnant and you lose it, it'll tear you apart inside. I was 15 when I was pregnant and even though I was scared I still cried.