Certain GaG users using us as experiment subjects?

I have come across certain questions on Gag where the user (from a 1xper level account, freshly made) would ask a question, get responses from a lot of people on Gag and found out they look pretty shallow and play the "Oh I was conducting an experiment on blah blah blah card" and when it all gets out of hand they deactivate their accounts.

Are you freaking kidding me right now? Someone explain to me why? Just why?
(Example: Some girl asked if she could find a more attractive boyfriend to date and had pictures of them two up)

It's like WTFFF?
Let me inject Guniea Pig DNA first before I answer your question *facepalm*


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  • They are trying to see your true reactions? some people are too naive to buy into what the trolls say and wear the emotions like their true skin. It really does show who are caught up into this illusion of lies and be stuck in it.

    • Most of the people on the post that commented was like "wow I feel sorry for your boyfriend" it's like how can she ask such question like that? If they are trolling ok i get it.

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    • Keep your eyes out. They hide in the internet esp in Gag... *sheepish*

    • LOOL, ok ok i got it *facepalms* thank you

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  • You know, sometimes I come home after another unsuccessful day of looking for a good job. I pour a cup of hot chocolate with that tasteless powder stuff that smells like the gunk you put in nappies to stop rashes. I flop onto the creaky bed I've had for 20 years and is far too small for me, place my mug down and wait for my laptop to warm up.
    After around 15 minutes of waiting for that blue circle, one of the first things I check is GirlsAskGuys. I scoot around the news for League of Legends, check my hotmail and Facebook for Labour trying to get me to like them and people whining about social justice respectively. Then I check GaG's feed and see all these rants about how the website is going down hill, or there's some sort of abuse going on.
    And I just lean back and say "For fuck's sake internet". I sip from my drink, chew on the solid bits, and shake my head. "None of this means anything. Reading this isn't going to change what happens to you tomorrow. It's not going to change how your life plays out in the slightest, so why get worked up about it?"
    I pause for a bit longer, remembering why I don't get involved in communities. Why I've spent 4 years on here yet speak to no one and only know a couple of people's names. Then I just leave a gif and a snarky comment, exhale forlornly, masturbate to Rule34 and get on with my life.
    Why? Why not.

    • That was very essay like lol
      Yeah conducting a research for actually good reasoning is cool with me, just not I'm conducting a research to see if I can get a better looking boyfriend then my current boyfriend. Dude you should of seen that question. It would of made your day.

  • I saw that one - It was just a bit fluff, nothing sinister - In How Do I Look there at least 10 accounts set up and deactivated within hours everyday.

    • A bit fluff? What do you mean by that? With the how I look category, that's understandable, they really can't get out of that category of asking people for a rating

  • People have curiosity about many things. I don't see anything wrong with that. You're seriously over reacting here.

    • Abundantlyrich said it was probably a troll. So a troll who was curious? Lol i don't think so. Yes I'm possibly overreacting here. If you saw that question, it was more of like "just rate me" but she asked Gag in a very shallow like type of way.

  • well a lot of people just sign up for a quick rating then leave onve they got what they came for

    • That does make sense. I think this girl wanted to really get a rating for herself but indirectly asked it in a question whether or not she could find a more attractive boyfriend. Ugh some people, trolls or not trolls *rolls eyes*

  • social experiments?

    • That's what the user said it was for a gender attractive experiment

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    • Priests of GaG xD

    • hahahhaha oh hell no! *does cross gesture with hands*

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  • They're dumb but think they're smarter than everyone else... And they don't know how to conduct real experiments.

    I saw the question you're talking about but not the experiment part. What happened? What was she "trying to prove"?

  • haha nah they're just trying to come up with some lame excuse to cover for their lame question