What music festivals have you gone to?

This last weekend I went to Spring Awakenening Music Festival in Chicago, and it was the best weekend of my life. So I wanted to know what other music festivals have you guys gone to, and also which ones do you wanna go to.

I want to go to Tomorrowland, the one in Belgium, but the one in Atlanta would be awesome too. Also Electric Forest and EDC.

What about you?

Oh, here's the set of Jack Ü for those who wanna watch it, it was the best one of the weekend.


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  • I went to the Life in Color festival, in 2013, I was 14. It was the first festival I think, my first concert was the same year, it was an Afrojack's one. The second one I went to was the MayanMadness Festival, in 2014. It was very nice :) I really enjoyed it.

    I would love to go to Tomorrowland too, it's like a fucking dream! They are "the best crowd in the whole universe" I gotta live it myself :)

    • Oh I wanted to go to Life in Color but in the end I didn't. Where did you go, I mean what city?
      I've never heard of Mayan Madness before, but I looked it up and it doesn't look bad.
      Yeah, Tomorrowland sounds amazing, I'd love to go, to the one in Belgium, but if I could go to the one in Atlanta it'll be awesome too.

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    • Yeah, that's why I wanna go to the one in Belgium, but since I'm in the US, it'll be cheaper to go to the one in Atlanta, it'll also be cheaper for you, since you're closer. I don't know how far away are you from the US, but you could take a road trip, that'll be awesome.

    • Oh yeah, that's for sure, going to Belgium isn't cheap, but I don't know, I wanna go to it because it's like a dream haha


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  • Haven't been to any. :(

    • This was my first one and I'm 19 xD You should go to one if you can, it's amazing. What festivals do you wanna go to?

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    • I've never heard of that festival, but if you like it so much you should force yourself to save money xD

    • Everyone loves it.. but ah, too hard lol
      I suck

  • I've never been to a music festival. I wish I could attend to one sometime.

  • I've never been to one.

    • If you can you should go to one. You don't have any you want to go to?

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  • I always get invited but never have been!!
    I was supposed to go to electric zoo a few years ago, and was going to go to EDC this past month

    But... plans change and money is always an issue

    • Duuuude EDC looks amazing, you should have made an effort to go. Electric zoo sounds pretty awesome too, the lineup is great.
      But yeah, festivals aren't cheap, that's why I'm already saving for next year xD

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    • This is part of his set from last Sunday.

    • Tiesto is fucking awesome

  • I like my creature comforts too much to go to a festival

  • I haven't been to one.. but seems like a good idea.