Is macroeconomics something I should consider studying?

I'm going into the engineering field.. Many people told me that I should study businesses... So is macroeconomics something I should consider?

To be extra sure.. What do I need to learn to be great in engineering?


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  • Thanks for the mentioning by my friend. However, I am actually not majoring in Macroeconomics. Actually, I am majoring in Accounting and minoring in Mathematics, but I passed a introductory macroeconomics course.

    I am not very sure on engineering field, but I know that many engineering majors require a strong mathematical background. Thus, many engineering students who I know have to learn Calculus III and higher and more complex mathematical courses.

    If you went to study business, you do not need strong mathematical background. Normally, Calculus I is enough for undergraduate business students. But compared with non-business students, you need more "soft" skills, such as how to show people your plan, and you have to care more about your social activities.

    Economics major also require a strong mathematical and statistical background, so if your are not good on mathematics and statistics, then do not go that way.

    But since you are 14 now, I think you still have a lot of time to consider which field you want to go in. If your mathematics was not good, then I am sure that business is the best place for you.

    Wish I provided some useful suggestions. :)

    • Engineering is definitely the field I want to go into for sure. Engineering is my passion so is MIT!! I am very good at mathematics and statistics. I am one of the 4 percent that scored the highest of the United States. I am sure that I want to become a engineer. I will study hard.

    • Yeah, then keep your advantage into your high school and eventually into your college/university/institute and you will make it.
      I am not an expert on engineering, but I just found something on MIT's website.
      Wish that is useful for you.

    • Thank you! I will study this before I go to bed. I want it to be the last on my mind. many thanks towards you!


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  • @WilliamWinslow ha a degree in it - He is the man you want

  • Engineering is hard and macroeconomics wouldn't be the best of electives because it could be overwhelming to do all of that at the same time. If you do I'd take it as a summer course without other engineering classes just so you'll be able to split up the work a little.

  • Accounting might be more useful as s complement.

    However your likely enjoy economics more and ado find it quite easy.

  • engineering field is more respected, you find a job easier and you make more money.

    Clear and simple.

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    • I passed my state test with flying colors in your face!!(scored highest out of 4 percent of the United States)!!!

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  • If you think you could, go for it. I don't think it's necessary for that though.


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