Is she prettiest?

I noticed that My crush would look at this other girl like when she walks into class and when she says something in class and when she walks by my crush's desk. Like once I was partners with him and I saw him looking over at her a few times. Another time he was chatting with his friends and he looked over to her direction! I also noticed that he doesn't look at other girls as frequently as he looks at her.

Does he think she's the prettiest? Be honest. I honestly won't be upset just be honest.

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  • Can't derive anything from this. It might be your hyper sense of awareness when he glances at her or maybe he does find her attractive?

    I mean, there's girls in my social group i think are the most attractive however there's also girls i think have the best personalities as well.

    So even if she is "prettiest" doesn't mean that's what he goes for.


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What Guys Said 2

  • obviously he likes her then

  • Guys always look at the prettiest girl.


What Girls Said 2

  • It does sound like, from this bit of information, that he is more attracted to her than you. That is okay though. There will be many times in your life where a guy likes you, but you like someone else. It is simply human nature.

  • Only a guy who had a crush on a girl or is interested to a degree would stare at a girl as often as he does.