Why did that guy add me on Facebook?

Usually as long as the person is from my school, I accept their friend requests. But there was this guy, and we only had one class together last year. And I just remember him staring at me and that made me feel like he somewhat disliked me or something. We never talked to each other in class, only once for very short in the beginning. So fastforward to this year, now whenever I see him outside, he briefly smiles at me. And he just added me. Like I Know he doesn't have romantic feelings towards me since we don't know each other, but like, we never really even spoke, and in class, I Thought he hated me because of him staring at me. So why would he add me? Is it just because we have mutual friends?


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  • He might have a crush from afar on you


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  • probably doesn't have many friends/is introverted and wants to look more popular. not too hard to figure out


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  • mutual friends probably.