How to make girls interested in me?

I know it'll be like stupid question. But now I'm kinda outdate. I'm 18 years old soon I'll be 19 I need to find at least some girlfriend or some girl FRIENDS :)

How can I be more interested to girls, I was for sure back then when I was 14 years old, 15.


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  • Be yourself

    • yeah I am but I find so difficult to meet new girlfriends... it's just funny how most girls go on really stupid boys, literally, with bad behavior etc..


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  • You just have to wait, give yourself time. If its 10 years later and your still the same then you can worry x


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  • Keep being yourself and be friendly to girls.

    • I'm more than friendly to girls, but I've got one problem. I'm skinny I do workout. But I've hated myself because I was eating so much and didn't gain a single pound. Like 4000 calories wasn't enough to gain a weight.

      But I was always a gentleman.

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    • I do street workout :)

      But I'm having problems eating that much.. I should eat something like this guy he was extremely skinny too. Look at him now but his daily food intake is insane!

    • Just eat whatever you feel comfortable with it is the body's way of telling you what it needs.