Can you prevent blushing?

I go red really easily, my friends call me bashful (as in the dwarves from snow white) and I know it's especially bad when speaking to girls I like, and that makes me feel even more nervous around them.

I've tried to ignore it, but that doesn't seem to help at all.


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  • I can't its auto response frm ur body.. Lol u can't stop it :) :) :) and i dont think u shud want to get rid of it cuz blushing guys are the cutest!!

  • I personally think that makes a guy look really attractive if they blush when they're nervous. i really don't know how to stop someone from blushing.

    What makes you blush?

    • Literally anything, i'm pretty socially anxious, an inappropriate comment, girls staring at me, girls complimenting me, talking to a girl I like, laughing at a joke others don't seem to find that funny. If i'm talking and a group of people probably around 5+ are focusing in on what i'm saying even, if they are my friends.

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    • Ha yeah I'm ridiculously shy, the worst part is i know girls find me really attractive but i'm too scared to say anything even if they come up to me first which makes me look uninterested then they leave.

    • That's a bad thing :/. I have that problem right now. Just think of those girls as regular people. When I'm shy I just think of people I like as my friends. also, ask her questions. That way the focus is on her and you can listen and know things about her

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  • That will get better with age - You will become more comfortable in social situations

  • I don't think it's possible
    it's a part of who you are after all