Anyone else think this song is beautiful?

I absolutely love this song!!!

To me it's so beautiful and the emotion in this song speaks volumes!!!


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  • This song is a cry for help. A person who's lonely and suffered as a kid. This made him depressive, and he lost his identity. He feels unable to get on with his life, so he asks for help from the person he loves. He wants her to care for him, to take all responsibility for him, and help him put up with himself.

    It's not that I don't like it, there are times when I feel depressive and I 'd like someone to take care of me. It's just that I believe I'm responsible for my own life, it's in my power to make it better or worse, it depends on what I choose

    • He's basically saying he loves her and doesn't want loses her. He's saying he's damaged from past hurts and that this is the person he can run to. That's how I look at it. Very moving. Especially when you think of the hurts that have changed you, helped your grow...

  • It's only okay. The vocals ruin the beauty of the song.

    • Thanks for your opinion hun

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    • Same here - I like music I can connect with on an emotional level. Some music can even move me to tears.

    • Me too
      And this song has done that for me

  • Anything by Bring Me the Horizon is beautiful (;

  • Yeah it's pretty good.

  • I've never heard it before but it's nice