Why are cell phone manufacturers making poor decisions?

DoDo you think phones are better with an option to expand memory via a micro SD or go the route of apple and make various models of the same phone with varying storage capacity. I ask this because I am particular to Samsung phones... had a Galaxy S4, Note 3 and now a Galaxy Note 4 and now that Samsung chose to remove the expandable memory from the galaxy s6 I have no interest in the brand if they are going to take this path with future phones being produced?


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  • I believe sd card is betteR. I mean if u buy a phone with a minimum storage and then later change ur mind, then u would need to buy a new phone. bit i think people would prefer phones with bigger storage or the other way (storing in cloud or smth) so there would be a waste. I believe we can't really do anything if all the industry decides for this change.


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  • I think it's a poor decision, same for the non-removable battery of the LG Nexus. It's the primary reason why I don't have a Nexus.