How to boost self confidence?

My self confidence and indpendence is low and I wish to find ways on how to raise these traits so I dont look desperate to people or clingy. Any suggestions?


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  • Hey buddy!
    I get you, I have been there too.
    Look, society tends to tell people, that to have confidence is equal to being perfect. It's not.
    The key to confidence, is simply building a friendship with yourself: This sound SO cheesy, I know, but it's true.
    When you do something great, be proud of yourself, compliment yourself and think positive thought. If you fail at something you attempted to do, tell yourself it's not the end of the world, that everyone makes mistakes, help yourself get back up on your feet and try again.
    If you are scared, talk to yourself in a way, that calms you (not out loud of course), if you are excited, cheer along with yourself.
    It is SO important to believe in yourself/build up a friendship with yourself, because in the end, the only person you can trust 100% is yourself. The only person you know EVERYTHING about, is yourself.
    The way you define yourself, is how others are going to define you.
    Stay positive, happy and outgoing.
    You are good enough, you will get through this and I am proud of you. :)


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  • Tell yourself what you are looking for, and try to learn about people, take lots of time to really know them. Tell them what you are looking for early in a relationship/friendship.
    remember friendship is the first step.


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  • Have faith in yours

    • *faith in yoursel and keep your self belief then your confidence will grow

  • figure out why your confidence is low,
    Is it that you think you're not hot?
    Do you think you're dumb?
    and when you know why your self confidence is low... change it.

  • Be happy :)

    • Ever saw a truly happy person without any form of confidence? Didn't think so!

  • Focus on yourself & improving you're life, find some hobies & pursue them.