What do guys think of stretch marks and scars?

So , like I have stretch marks that I think are embarrassing and scars from shaving and what not. My stretch marks are thin and lighter than my regular skin tone. When I was younger I was given permission to shave and went overboard with it and shaved the little hair I had on my stomach. Now it grows back thick and I have ingrown hairs. And just ughhhh. I have scars from ingrown hairs that haven't even surfaced yet below my belly button. Its darker in the area and just looks unattractive to me and looks like a happy trail. I'm afraid of what my boyfriend is going to think when he sees me in a bikini soon.


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  • Guys generally ignore them, it's pretty common for most women to have them. I personally have stretch marks along my hips, some on the top of my ass and a lot on my inner thighs. They're pretty noticeable, but no one I've ever been with has actually given a damn about them. (My boyfriend also has huge red-purple stretch marks all along his back, from top to bottom and I don't care about those either).


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  • Easily ignored. Not really something we think about.

  • Most guys don't really notice

  • I'll be honest and say that stretch marks can definitely be pretty ugly. But I am more self-conscious of my own. However, I wouldn't kick a girl out of my bed simply because she has stretch marks that would be petty.

    • I mean, they're not huge purple ones. Haha. But that's understandable. Flaws are inevitable. And can be ugly lol

    • Yeah but I'll easily look past that. :)

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