Don't you hate how someone has a preconceived notion that is wrong but they believe in it 100 percent and post about it?

On some of these political /religious /social ideas a lot of people don't have first hand experience and don't know what they are talking about. I think stuff like this should be highly frowned upon for thus site. Just my opinion.


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  • That is true about any religions, therefore it does obviously bug me. That is what religions are based on, after all.

    • No comments on this please. I don't want to start a debate here and now. I can see your point. I always wondered which religion would be right (if any). I guess we'll see when we die.

    • Fair enough. But yes, people tend to think the information they hold is right and therefore true. It would be odd if people were constantly second guessing themselves.

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  • Lord yes, it is extremely frustrating. You can try to explain things all day long and it will never make a difference.

    • My science teacher once, said,"Once someone has taken something and attached it to emotion you can't prove them wrong (to them)"
      Or something like that

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  • We have to be tolerant - Not everything I have said on this site is correct yet I believed nearly all of it so nobody is perfect.