How may I halt any attraction to females?

Knowing that I am quite the hideous male and I haven't even a miniscule chance of finding a girl out in this world, I am willing to put my natural attractions to a halt. Whenever I have liked or even asked girls out, I have been made a dolt of and teased for it. I feel like I am wasting my time and making a farce upon myself, I have tried meditation and other methods but I still can't shake the attraction to females off. I feel like I must use my last resort and that would be a bad thing. So may I please ask for your assistance to help me shake the farcical feelings of "love" or whatever off?


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  • Masturbate very often or get a castration, both should remove the urge. (The latter doing so permanently.)
    You could appreciate the attraction without acting on it as a compromise.

    • I disapprove of masturbation unfortunately, but thanks for attempting to help.

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    • I don't have much of a sex drive anymore as I am starting to become asexual.

    • That sounds like the issue is sorting itself out then. :)


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  • It's pretty impossible to completely halt natural attraction. However, with self control, you should be able to not act upon it.

    • I have self control, though ever since I gave up on looking for a girl the attraction went down a bit, knowing that I speculate that there is indeed a way to cause my attraction to vastly drop until I won't feel any sort of attraction.

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    • What kind of drugs? If they are illegal then I'd have to ignore.

    • Benzos. Don't you have google? There's also different mental techniques for numbing emotion. Once again, google.

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  • you are going after the wrong girls... fuck those stuck up cunts. they dont deserve you anyway.

    you will find someone who loves you for who you are, regardless of how you look.

    • I have tried many different types of girls and the resulta remain yet the same.