Do bad guys really change? Please help this will change my whole life?

My ex is really really a bad guy he went to jail many times. He use drugs and he steal things and was going to kill me when I was pregnant with his baby, he lost his job and money and everything and now he live in a small apartment and work at a shop. He come to visit us and somehow we had sex and he told me that he's a good guy now and I can count on him, he said we should get back together for our son, he shouldn't live away from his dad. so I've been watching him and he is different from the past he visit his son a lot and help me with things even give me some money to our son. but I don't know if this is true or not. Please help


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  • He tried to murder you while you were pregnant with his kid. A guy that messed up will never change into a good guy. His issues run way too deep. I don't know of anyone that has ever changed as much as this guy would need to. He might be slightly less dangerous, but he will never be the kind of guy you should allow into your life.

    • I just don't know how to kick him out of my life especially that my son really love him now

    • He son would love anyone who came around. Would forget the guy in a week

    • I think you already know what you need to do, but are just afraid to do it. What if your ex hurts you in front of your son, or worse hurts your son? Do you want your son to learn that is the way men are suppose to act? Your son needs a positive role model, not a thug that is putting on a show in order to win back his ex. Criminals and bad boys pretend to change all the time in order to manipulate people. Right now your ex has no money and is using you and your son so that he has a place to stay. If your man becomes financially independent, then he will immediately go back to his old ways.


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  • He is still a loser. People do not change for the most part. They may seem to act differant but if they had the chance ir opportunity came up they would , steal , lie , do drugs , be criminal etc .
    People are who they are. Once a pathetic dickwad. Always.
    People don't change over night either. Maybe years down the road but not at the flip of a switch.
    He's playing you. He will go strait back to acting and doing the same crap as soon as he feels comfortable with you thinking he has earned your trust.
    Of course he wants back. It's cause he has nothing. No life. Isn't happy being pathetic. Bet he would move in with you , loose his job and just steal and get into drugs while spending your money.
    Get rid of him. Find a new babies daddy

    • But he is a father now

    • A father that's a convict? A father who was going to kill you? Go ahead. Make excuses for him. Get sucked in It's your life. We don't know you so we don't care.

      Go for it. Let him ruin your life and the child's. He don't give a shit about the child. You got to be kidding. He's a immature loser. Won't hold a job ever. Won't go anywhere in life so ,,, up to you

  • it is possible but it is kind of rare

  • Yes I think people can change but I would be very careful

  • There is an old expression. "A leopard does not change it's spots."

    Your guy may decide to turn his life around but only if he has a truly life altering experience. That could be years from now.

    Do you really want to wait?

    • I want what's best for my son then for me

    • I re-read your post. If he seems to be changed, I would give him a chance but keep your eyes wide open and bolt at the first sign that he is returning to old ways---staying out late, coming home drunk, friends you never get to meet, etc.

  • Look some people can change and some can't, u r the one to decide, I would recommend to get back to him

  • Yes he could change and i hope he does and stays that way.


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  • some do and some don't

    • This is confusing I don't know what to do

    • Rocket science is tough isn't it.

      So , do I jump off the same bridge or find my own to jump off. Hummm. Tough call.