Gonna be a freshman in high school! What should I expect?


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  • Lots of fucking drama. Don't let ANY of it consume you. Also, hazing probably. Don't worry, its not that bad. We used to throw pennies at freshmans and some idiot threw a quarter at me, so I said thanks cause I needed that! Just try getting used to your schedule, classes, teachers, and homework ASAP or it's gonna suck for all four years. Also, do good right from the start. I messed up and now I'm struggling. Do good in your classes, shoot for AP classes and a high GPA, try doing TONS of clubs, activities, volunteer work, and sports. I know it'll seem like its all overwhelming and useless bullshit, but I guarantee you you won't regret it come senior yr when you're applying for colleges and scholarships.


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  • Lots of slutty bitchy popular girls hitting on the popular guys. Much weed, much drinking, much sex, many parties.

  • There will be tigers hidden in the lockers...

    • Ohhh yeah... heard of hat! I'll be sure to watch out 😉😂

    • Anyway, don't underestimate the studies... Study, work hard. Don't slack off because it is an easy task to pass for, or you'll create the habit of being lazy
      Keep studying hard

    • Ok thanks 😊

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