What are your thoughts on life's losers?

Do you acknowledge their existence? Should they pull themselves up by the bootstraps? Are they just weakness being weeded out by evolution? Do you feel for them? Identify with them? Do they disgust you? Have you ever felt like a loser? Can there be winners without losers? Is there such a thing as luck in life?

I honestly think it's a massive taboo in our society. We're so steeped in the cult of self-help and individualism that we disregard the fact that we are mere ants on an anthill.

Until we acknowledge the fact that life is inherently unfair, we're not going to acknowlegde the people who lose out.

And the resulting society will become increasingly gruesome and inhuman.


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  • In answer to the descriptions questions:
    Their choice
    In a way

    • Thanks... that wasn't really my intention, but I like your answers :)

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    • Cheers for mho!

    • But of course.


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  • It depends on what you define as a loser. Not having gone where you wanted to in life doesn't make you a loser. Unless you choose to do nothing to help yourself or others and neglect the people around (even if you're a rich), you aren't a loser in my book. Life may be unfair but what happens in other people's lives is honestly none of your/my/ or anyone else's business. People always focus on what others have or receive with ease when they should be focusing on how they can make themselves better despite their disadvantage. Life is unfair, boohoo. Get over it and do what you can because "it's not your fault if you're born in the gutter but it is if you die there".

    Referring to the stereotypical "loser" in life, I just think they are people. I acknowledge them like any other human being. Most people label those who aren't extremely successful nor attractive as losers which is far from the truth. No matter how poor or ugly someone is, if they are at least trying to keep moving forward and are kind despite any hatred received, they aren't a loser. A billionaire who is extremely handsome can be more of a loser in my book than a person scrubbing feet just to live in a shack if the rich person is negative. Truthfully, when it comes down to things we're all just flesh and bone with the ability to think. In the end, we all die regardless of how successful we were, and when we die, who we were won't matter because we will cease. No soul will wonder or dwell on the living. Every bit of our existence will be gone. Oblivion is inevitable.

    Typical losers that society labels as worthless despite them not hurting others don't disgust me, and I'd be happy to identify as one if it meant being ridiculed for not succeeding because I decide to look out for others and not conform.

    Can there be winners without losers? Of course. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is a winner until they cease trying and/or neglect people.

    Do I believe in luck? Sure. Luck by definition is "success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions". If you find a dollar in the street, that could be considered luck because no one left it for you. You didn't leave it to come find it again. By chance, it just happened to be there.

    Society / humanity in general will probably always be filled with mistreatment and classifications (unless an Armageddon / resurrection / etc does come), so it's up to individuals to choose how we let society define their lives and worth.

  • Wow, you're deep :D
    I think there's no such thing like a 'life's loser'
    I always used to blame life, luck, fate and other nonsense things about stuff happening..
    Now I've learned that it's not like that..
    It's about choice : yours and the choices of people in your life.
    Never lose hope.
    Don't be a loser.
    Hate, cry, whine, lament.
    But never ever give up.
    Life's too short! :D

  • I think most people can get what they want through trial and error. I don't like pity parties and there is always room for improvement. I think most people who complain are just giving up on themselves and find it easier to play the victim rather than take the time to improve.

    I don't think evolution has anything to do with it. It sounds really ridiculous when people use that word. We're humans and it doesn't get any better than that.

    I have felt like a loser and I still do sometimes, but I'm not going to let it make me depressed or make me feel lesser than anyone else

  • Everyone is a special snowflake.


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  • I feel for them if they keep trying to be succesful

    If they just don't care, then I don't care either

  • Who are you referring to? People who have the time to post on GaG?

    • What does that have to do with anything?

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    • I set them on a direction, give them access to resources to learn, then I demand accounting for progress and results. I try and mentor along the way, but you need to make people take responsibility so they need to do the work and own the results

    • Cool, thanks :D