How many of you on here have road rage?

How many of you have road rage? What do you do if someone cuts you off or tailgates you? What kinds of things piss you off while you're driving? I have road rage sometimes lol


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  • Sometimes I do when people are always hitting on their brakes and nothing in front of them. Other than that I try to avoid all the other things bad drivers do because a lot of time they might be jealous of what I'm driving.

    • Dang... I hate it when they do that too lmao!! People are crazy when they're on the road

  • Tailgating... that's what the brake pedal is for😃

    • Lol!! That is so true lol!! And then when they get all mad and try to go around you and cut you off rotfl!!! People get so crazy when they're behind the wheel lol!!

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    • Lmao!! Yes!! The motorists are the funniest ones aren't they? Lmao!! :D and the ones who go in between the cars in traffic lol!!

    • The motorcyclist I meant lmao!!

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  • I don't. When I get into my car, I automatically assume that 99% of the drivers around me are idiots who can't drive lol. So I let them drive stupid, get stressed out over stupid things etc. and I just drive defensively because i'm not interested in dying in a car accident because other people's have issues. If driving is that stressful more people should consider not doing it.

    • Lol!! Yes I agree lol!! People stress out a lot when they are behind the wheel and if they're having a bad day they like to take it out on other people by cutting them off and making gestures lol!! It's so funny though and then when those same people are on foot they're all friendly rotfl!! :D

    • lol yup that's true, what is it about being in a car that makes some people go so insane!

  • I'm a rather angry passenger lol I throw objects out the fuckin window and I'm a dead shot👍