What's a good way to prep for the LSAT for law school?

I'm going into my junior year of college this fall and plan on taking the LSAT this next spring and probably in the summer or early on in my Senior year if I want to improve my scores. My older brother brought me some LSAT study books that his friend used. So far it's basic assumption and analysis questions. I've already taken a Philosophy intro to logic course my freshmen year. I've been told that an LSAT prep course or a tutor is the way to go. Those classes are like $1500 though. I'm just wondering for anyone else that did a tutor what was a good price range that they would charge so I don't get scammed? I'v looked up some people in my schools area that will tutor that look like they'd be helpful. I haven't seen how much they charge and I'm just wondering what's a good price or how often I should see a tutor and when to start tutoring.


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  • I find youtube videos help WAY MORE than diagrams. Do a google search of LSAT training videos.


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  • I googled lots of youtube and guide sites


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