What are your opinions on this black guy who hated to see Asian girls dating white guys or having preference for white guys as he said?

A man who threatened to commit suicide after allegedly attacking a series of Asian women was found hanging in the basement of an Upper East Side apartment building Monday.

In his blog he wrote: "I’ve been rejected by Women my entire life. I never understood why, but whenever I stopped to woo- I always ended up getting the same excuse every single time. Sorry I have a Boyfriend or Sorry I’m in a rush. Some Women even ignored me completely. It got really bad. This weekend I decided to talk to over 150 Asian Women, which ended horribly. I had to punch a White dude in the mouth for kicking me. I followed two Asian girls around SoHo just to see why they’re lives are ten times more important than a Black Mans in America. Unfortunately that didn’t end well. By the end of the night I really decided to fight my battle using violence. Humans don’t understand me. I see tons of Asian Women walking around with White Men and I never understood how they even made it on a date, if I’m trying so hard just to get one number. I’ve been rejected so much I feel absolutely numb. Tonight was the night I realized that Humans found racism popular. Now the whole World Hates me because I’m African American."

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  • They didn't reject him because he's black. They rejected him because he's stupid, and dangerous with a really heavy Asian fetish. He should have tried not being so creepy, and tried not to discriminate when it comes to other women. Maybe then someone might have tolerated him. :T


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  • "I followed two Asian girls around SoHo"
    Fucking creep...

    The problem with him is his attitude not the color of his skin...

    I'm a short ass Asian dude and when I actually go out and try it isn't that hard...

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂racist

  • This guy is a loser. Good think he killed himself instead of going on a mass killing rampage or become a serial killer.. But like I said. I can't blame him because of the media and how black guys representing themselves... :D


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  • Interesting that he claimed others were racist while only trying to pick up Asian girls.

  • I mean, I feel for him and all, but having a shitty life doesn't give you the right to be a shitty person or a stalker. Jesus.