Do extra-dimensional or aliens using dimensional travel exist?

I was thinking, after I heard stuff like this on years late at night on Coast 2 Coast on the radio.

Then I remembered, physicist say there are 11/12 dimensions mathematically. We know or 3 dimensions. L, W, Height and a point and length (2 joined points). Plus so called alien witnesses have seen UFOs travel vast distances in a blink of an eye and astronaughts have claimed to have seen them. On top of that, many people beleive in the possability of God or the afterlife which we know is probably something to do with dimensions. Plus in physics we have strange quantum physics.

I remember people on the radio saying crazy things like seeing UFOs the size of football feilds making no sound and traveling from off the horizon almost above them in almost no time. Appear and disapear and fly at acute angels, in bizare ways at speeds equivalent of lightning or electricity.


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  • A bit highbrow for me but I believe aliens exist.


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  • Not sure about the alien bit, but what you describe is quantum physics theories. None proven


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  • How should I know?

    But one correction. We commonly know 4 dimensions, including time.