Dreaming about a girl I have never seen?

So two nights ago i had this dream about me falling in love with a girl. I've never had any dream like it and i never wanted it to end. The only thing is the girl i was dreaming about i dont think i have ever seen. Did i just make her up? Or have i seen her and just dont remember? I wish I knew who it was so i could go get that girl because the way i felt about her in my dream is something i have never felt before. Can someone explain to me how this happened or if she was imaginary or what is going on. I usually never remember my dreams and they aren't very vivid but this one was and i can remember the whole thing. Help.


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  • There's 2 things that your subconsious could have done:

    1). You could have forgotten who she was (unlikely I'll explain in a minuet)

    2). Your subconsious can 'copy and paste' imagery that you've seem kind of like photoshop. For example: 2 very different bridges... Your mind can create a completely different images of bridges of copying and pasting it into a new bridge like submerge them together or take little details out of one onto the other.

    So that woman you saw was 2 beautiful women you seem and put into 1 ahha.

    Learn 'lucid dreaming' and find out! Goodluck


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  • Maybe God is trying to send you a message to hold out for somebody truly special and not settle for the first reasonably attractive woman who wants to date you or who you think you want to date.

    I once had a dream I fell madly in love with a guy who was not my type at all. I think that was God's way of telling me that God can make anybody love anybody else for any reason (and if course with God, they are all good reasons).

    God is telling you to wait for the woman God has chosen for you - for somebody amazing - don't settle for what you see right now while you are waiting for her to appear.

  • Your mind can't make someone up while sleeping. You can imagine a girl with someone else's hair, smile... or maybe you just don't remember her.


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  • She might be a mixture of different girls you have seen or know.