Should I wear contacts?

Some of my friends say I should wear contacts because I look better without my glasses some of my other friends say I look fine either way. I been wanting to wear contacts but then I blink way to much to put them in and I'm afraid they are going to get stuck in my eyes and I'll have to go to the ER

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And can someone answer my previous question please


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  • Tbh I'm scared of those too! Lol its not for everyone. If I really dont want glasses anymore, maybe I'll get laser eye sugery.. maybe. Hell they might come out with something less scary in a couple of years.

    • I blink a whole a lot. You look good with glasses anyways so its not a big deal. Just do what you are comfortable doing.

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    • Can you answer my previous question please if you don't mind :) thanks

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  • If you want to wear contacts then you can but if you like wearing your glasses then you can wear glasses. Just to let you know I use to wear glasses but I got contacts because I got tired of wearing them, contacts are hard at first to put in and you'll get use to them a few weeks later (maybe). Also when you put them in they will burn a little but if the burning does not stop after a little while then you should probably take them out and switch them because you might have them in the wrong eye.

  • If you feel comfortable in your glasses, stay in them. But if contacts are something you really want, for yourself, then go see your eye doctor to learn how to put them in.

  • If you don't feel comfortable wearing contacts don't get them.