What would you do about loud, obnoxious neighbours?

Speaking from experience I live in a pretty compact suburban area, won't say it's the biggest of places, but typical for England anyway. Around a year or two ago our neighbours moved, they were never much of a big issue because it was semi-detached, the house was soon bought after by some people across the country, didn't see that a big issue intil recently where they were playing netball one time not too long ago, 30 or so people screaming and running around the garden, climing into other gardens to retrieve their ball, cars parked all up the street, stupidly loud music heard up to three streets over, everything you'd expect, we shouted over and a large number of them seemed to leave.

Then tonight it's the same thing, aside from the netball that is, I'm currently in my room trying to watch a film and I can hear them over it, It's getting out of hand.

Any similar stories people would like to share?


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  • Check your local noise bylaws and see of the police can be called. After a few fines they won't make much noise or maybe move. If there is nothing that can be done I would move. I know that sounds like a lot of work and like you are admitting defeat, but in the end it is simplest and quickest/easiest solution. Generally people do not change their behaviours. No matter what you say or do will do much to change them. These are party people, that is all they care about and they do not care about the neighbours, they do not care about you. You will start a feud with them and it will only lead to frustration and annoyance that will go on and on. I have been in situations like this. In the end, it would have been just easier to move and remove yourself from the situation.


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  • lol! Do the same thing to them!!! Play really loud portuguese worship music full blast at 12:00 every night for 3 hours!!! JUST KIDDING!!!

    Call noise control and complain - make a tape recording or video recording of the loud music so that your neighbours get in trouble.


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