My life sucks and I want to get into drugs, any advice?

Well like anyone else I want to have a normal life but I suffer severe depression. I go to theraphy and take medication. The thing is that my therapits claims I have a distorted view on my life but I don't. My life freaking sucks. I failed college 6 times and can't afford it anymore, started 3 businesses and they all failed leaving my credit busted, I work in mcdonalds and can't get another job no matter how many skills I learn... I'm ugly as fuck and wayy to skinny. I try to bulk up in the gym and yes it did work for a bit but that takes years upon years so I get frustrated and half ass it now a days.

My family hates me, I literally have no friends I have no on eto talk to. My friuends are all married with greta jobs I live in my car. My life is garbage. I don't want to kill myself I wish things would be better I work my ass off but nothing ever works. I'm as of late conteplating getting into heroin to numb my pain away untill I die of natural causes.

I really dont want to end up like that but I also want my life to be good and to be succesfull at something at least. what should I do?


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  • Getting in to heroin will not make things feel better. Maybe for a very short while. If you think you feel bad now then you don't even want to imagine how suicidal you will feel between your highs once you've really become hooked on that stuff. And since you have no money you will quickly get into criminal acts to afford more and more heroin.

    Maybe you could benefit from re-examine what it actually means to be a "successful" human being. In my world it's not measured in what job you have or what car you drive. And quite frankly I earn about the same amount as you do with my self employed work and I don't have a car and not a wife. But do you know what? I don't think my life sucks. And that's because I don't define myself according to those things.

    If you really are on the brink of suicide and contemplating taking up heroin. That means that you have nothing to lose and you can do pretty much everything. Sell everything you have, start over, move, do whatever. Because everything is better than suicide and heroin.

    Maybe start with small goals and work on those. Even the longest journey starts with one small step.

    • I work my ass for to get a better life but nothing ever goess my way somethign always fucks its up I got another job as soon as I was about to get an apt someone got me fired. Whats so great about life anyway? I live in a car and have a shityy job and noon egives a shit about me. I might as well be on heroin. I don't know what else to do

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    • People tend to hate me since I was very young for gods sake my parents hate me If I had that option of sharing a rent I would take it ASAP but I dont have it

    • Maybe you don't have that option NOW. But that doesn't mean that you NEVER will have that option. That is why I said that perhaps you could try to get some new friends and make that option possible. And don't say that everybody hates you and you will never have any friends. Every day is an opportunity to make a new friend. And when you have friends who care about you, you will et stronger and you will get more energy to deal with your other issues in life.


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  • Try natural supplements to help you cope with depression , try Kratom or Kava Kava, those are pretty great. And for fucks sake don't do hard drugs , Mary Jane is a good choice though if you aren't drug tested it is an anti depressant and it is natural and good

    • I honestly dont like mary jane :(

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    • Holly shit can't you stay with a friend or with your parents till you get a job?

    • Have you read the details? My parents dont talk to me and I dont really have friends

  • Heroin use causes immense pain and sickness after the brief high is over.

    I'm sorry things are so tough for you right now. Is your therapist teaching you any coping mechanisms? If it's your mind vs what the trained professional says, try doing the exercises they tell you to do. Depression and anxiety make your mind lie to yourself, like that temporary events will last forever and that there is no hope.

    • So my mind is making up the fatc that I'm homeless and broke and skinny and ugly and unsuccessfull? sounds really far fetched since those things are all real. thats why I get angry at him he talks as if my problems where not real

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    • CBT says don't say shit like, "I can't do anything right." There are not absolutes like that. The same goes for "not fit for this world" - it's a bullshit thought caused by depression and that causes more depression. I've been through some of this myself, by the way, so no judging.

      What you need to do is start asking your therapist to help you learn how to cope with your shitty circumstances and anything else life can throw at you. And listen. And do the work.

      You say you work hard - work hard on changing your thoughts and patterns. It can't make things any worse!

      Also, I love meditation. It helps get your mind out of a dark spiral.

      I really wish you the best.

    • You have internet access, which is one positive because there is so much awesome info available to help learn new things...

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  • "until I die of natural causes". No you want die of natural causes, you'll die cause of the heroin. You say your life sucks and you wanna get into drugs, so my question is, do you wanna get better, or make it suck even more? Cause the only thing you'll accomplish is a crappier life, if you start taking drugs.
    Listen to your therapist, that's why s/he is the professional, and why you go to her/him.

    • Well he seems full of crap my life actually sucks I'm not imagining it. and I do see your point but I need something to numb the pain thats what I want

  • Drugs will make your life much worse. I can empathize your frustration. The first problem you should resolve is fixing your credit by getting a job which will be hard as you already know. What are your dreams and goals in life? First fix your financial situation. Once you are economically stable decide whether you want to continue pursuing college or moving out of the country and starting over fresh. Regardless, don't give up on life by doing drugs. You can still have a bright future, but you're going to have to face some really dark days fixing your situation.

  • Drugs are a temporary fix - Long term disaster

  • Sorry you feel that way