Do I need to see a psychologist? please help! 😞?

hello, well i got a really weird problem! a few months ago all of a sudden i begun to think that people don't have feelings, i don't understand why like happiness, sadness etc. i know that every human got feelings but my head just doesn't want to accept it and my heart starts to ache, i begun to think that every human is filthy and cruel.. it's 24 hours on my mind just not with people like my parents or my bestfriend but why? i always cry, every day no one can help me.. my mind goes crazy.. my mom doesn't understand and I'm all alone, help please!


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  • I would do a bit of research on possible depression online they have lots of self tests and if you score high enough on theses tests they advise you to sees a doctor.


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  • You may be not seeing them as people like yourself. Do you feel like they are all just actors and your life isna play? Line they are all just there for you?

    • like they are only body's with no soul, when a friend tells me "i love my boyfriend so much" i think that she is not capable of love like she can't feel any love or pain or sadness

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    • to be honest it all started when i felt how mean my "friends" are actually, it was just a random thought whenever they did mean things and i'm also religious i thought that it might be because they don't have the love of god and stuff yes i know stupid way of thinking but it soon started to get worse and now it won't go away

    • It really doesn't sound abnormal to me. If you ate around people that are heartless and mean your perception may be theat everyone is like that. A lot of people are like that so you may not be that far off. I think if you surround yourself with better people and focus and the good things people do and the good people that are out there, you won't feel that way about everyone.

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  • Yes you should.