The world steps on the weak or those perceived to be weak. Why are people so effed?

I'm a loner, initially by circumstance, now by choice.
I was bullied for years on end, then harrassed throughout adolescence - people would vandalize my property relentlessly, spread malicious word about me (all carried forth with by the same set of clowns and their new acquaintances wher ever I go, thanks to effin social media) and I've effectively been ostracized.
I try and make a new start when ever I go to a new place, but people are so frikkin judgmental. Back then, not having 200+ friends on fb meant there was something really wrong with you. People tend to be cool with me until they find out I don't have many friends. Friends come and go unless they're really close - but I never had such friends. Who wants to be close to that guy who always gets picked on. One on one, people are cowards to confront me. It's always in mobs.
I had my issues - lots of trust issues, and feeling a bit odd if I was invited - coz that hardly happens and if it did, I don't know how I'd let loose with all the trauma I had. Given my past experiences, I'd also feel a bit paranoid that someone will discover that I'm a loner and then they'll all be ashamed to know me or will make fun of me - voila instead of making new friends, I've made more enemies. That was me in my early 20s, so I decided to be a loner by choice.
Never had a girlfriend.
Even my own sister never used to talk to me - it was always me talking to her so I gave her an ultimatum and bid her farewell. She didn't care, neither do I now - she can get effed as she's just another girl who is born to the same parents, and like many a-holes today, has zero regard for everything I've done for her.

I've done really well alone, like a lion who doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. One who moves into unknown territory and explores everything they can fearlessly. I've achieved a lot for someone in my position - highly educated, good job, have my own place etc. I worked for everything I have. Never r


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  • Hey i was the same, always picked on until i was around 15 because i was a very small sized and quiet kid and so was perceived to be a weakling.

    My family situation is similar except that my mother dislikes me because i remind her of my father who deserted us.

    Like you i'm a loner, but i actually like it that way and if the people that you're trying to befriend care about trivial and superficial things such as the number of friends you have on facebook then they aren't worth your time. Being a loner isn't a bad thing at all and there's no need to be embarrassed about being one. I feel that you need to be more confident in who you are and start liking yourself.


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  • The world is a brutal place.


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  • Capitalism makes people do mean things.

  • The best thing is to stand up to people. Many people will back off. I'm on the loner side myself.

  • isolate why people don't like you, and change it.

    • People are grudgeful and rely on past reputation more than who you are today.