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Women, a man in a Scrubs uniform: hot or not?

You women say a guy in uniform is hot, but what do you think of a guy in a scrubs uniform (what a nurse or a surgeon wears link )

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  • When I see a guy in a military/police uniform, my attention is automatically drawn to him. Sometimes it's more about the uniform than the guy. With scrubs, I'm so used to seeing my sister in them that it's hard to find them particularly attractive. I notice the guy, not the scrubs.

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  • It depends on the guy. Some can pull if off, some can't.

  • for me, the reason a man in uniform is hot, is because he has a profession in which you have to excel at a specific skill. and in order to succeed you have to be passionate about it, I find that incredibly sexy. so in order to be a surgeon you have to be pretty friggin good at it, so yes, scrubs is sexy to me.

  • I think scrubs are more cute than hot.

  • No sorry its strictly military only for me. Scrubs just remind of being really ill over the summer and being in hospital for a week :(

    • Maybe I should just wear my old BDUs to the hospital then...

  • not reallyits not unattractive, just not a hot uniform

    • How about a guy in a Rabbi uniform then? ;)

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