Black men are the least desirable men?

is that true? because it seem most women don't like or date black men.


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  • Nottt true. I'm the most attracted to black guys over any other race (and I'm white!) haha. Of course everyone will have a different opinion and taste, but I just think black guys are so much more manly (not meant to offend anyonee). Maybe your just talking to the wrong people (:

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  • Maybe because of the area you live in? If you live in a predominatly white area they probably have this stereotypical view of how blacks are.

  • Where in the world did you ever get that idea? I think that is totally untrue, in fact I know very few black male friends who are not dating or married. I have dated black men for years and as far as I am concerned it doesn't get any better.

  • definitely not true. it all depends on the girl and preference. most black girls I know only want to date black guys and I know tons of white girls that love black guys too. one of my closest friends its a little blonde white girl and she will ONLY date black guys. its all she goes for. she says she likes them because she finds herself physically attracted to them and loves the culture.

    i've only dated white guys but that's probably because the town I grew up in wasn't very diverse. I do find black men very attractive however. I would date a male of any ethnicity as long as I found their personality attractive as well.

  • I don't think they are the least desirable. It all really just comes down to the environment you're in. I wasn't really raised around them, but I was raised around white men so I find them most attractive. It doesn't mean I would never date or marry a black man who was right for me, though.

  • I would never say that black men are the least desirable out there. True, it is all about individual personal preference, but must of my female friends have been attracted to black guys.

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  • I can understand what you are talking about, but I think the way you are phrasing it is incorrect... Black guys are highly desired, but the problem is not with black guys but the way black guys are portrayed and viewed by society...Check out what anonymous user (female) said...She obviously is speaking of something she heard, not anything she researched... Society has view black males as desirable both directly and indirectly. How? Here's a simple test, think of the type of people you would associate with these terms: Poor, violent, thug/gangster, drop out, aggressive, forceful, loud, and the list goes on and on... Now chances are when these words were said about a type of people, a black male crossed your vision more 3 times...See what I'm talking about... Check out the movies, black guys are in these movie (slight exceptions) are often poor living in the ghetto and they must use a sport / dancing in order to succeed in life, or they will end up dead or in a gang... And far too often it is a white person that helps them succeed...ahhh, there's a new word, success, not used often to describe a black males...Look at how they are dressed and portrayed, society does even include black males in the "worlds hottest guy" contest...I mean yeah you got denzel and will smith, but notice which way the scale is tipped, in who's favor, who is considered sexy or hot...And with that, then comes 'Anonymous User" (female) standing up and proving her case (FLAWED CASE, but a case never the less)...I am a black Haitian male, yes I grew up in the ghetto, but you wouldn't guess that the way I'm living my life. Some of my best friends are white and I've dated girls all across the color spectrum... But the initial viewing is not of attractive, but of personality after getting to know me, and I'm a good looking guy... This is why we are viewed as less desirable...Notice it even infiltrated your mind...

  • I agree with what most people are saying regarding this topic. It really depends on where you reside and whom you grew up with. For me, I am an African American male who grew up in an Asian American culture. There weren't too many other African American's... Maybe only a handful of us but that being said, it really came down to the preference of the opposite sex. There is that stereotype out in society that all black men are thugs, uneducated, sex-craved animals but that isn't true. Not at all. In fact most people who I went to high school with went off to college to get a degree in something other than majoring in sports. I digress but to say we (black men) are least desirable just really depends.

    For me, yes we are least desirable when it comes to women dating men in general but that is because of where I live but that doesn't mean we aren't desirable at all. Not to throw a monkey wrench in the gears but if you look at our society as a whole, black men are the most imitable culture people try to mimic. (I know because I see it) Men of different culture and ethnicity try to mimic our culture while adhering to their own. Again, this is only for men that I've encountered this with and cannot speak for women.

    A little longer than it needed to be but hey I have to explain my thoughts :)

  • in my experience us white guys are the least desirable, at least to other white women anyway. they seem to prefer anything but white guys, lol.

    • BS, you probably just notice more when a white girl hooks up with a non-white guy. When we can't get any we often try to place the blame on an someone else, pointing to black guys is a good example of an obvious scapegoat. What you're saying sounds as bad [if not worse given the position of whites in society] as those black guys who say "Oh it's because I'm black etc."

  • No black guys are generally the most attractive guys(no homo). However to clarify don't try using that BBC deal to score women. Most of my friends are black, because of where I live and they are the coolest people to be around. Trust me man you will definitely find a girl.

  • stereotypically you have a big **** so, you got an advantage already lol

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