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Black men are the least desirable men?

is that true? because it seem most women don't like or date black men.

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  • Nottt true. I'm the most attracted to black guys over any other race (and I'm white!) haha. Of course everyone will have a different opinion and taste, but I just think black guys are so much more manly (not meant to offend anyonee). Maybe your just talking to the wrong people (:

    • She's got jungle fever!

    • 1mo

      exactly ! thats what i always say too! they are more manly ! ;)

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  • Where in the world did you ever get that idea? I think that is totally untrue, in fact I know very few black male friends who are not dating or married. I have dated black men for years and as far as I am concerned it doesn't get any better.

  • Maybe because of the area you live in? If you live in a predominatly white area they probably have this stereotypical view of how blacks are.

  • what town are you from ? lol

    as a black woman I enjoy my black men ;]

    but I also go for other men of different ethnicity.

  • I would never say that black men are the least desirable out there. True, it is all about individual personal preference, but must of my female friends have been attracted to black guys.

  • I don't think they are the least desirable. It all really just comes down to the environment you're in. I wasn't really raised around them, but I was raised around white men so I find them most attractive. It doesn't mean I would never date or marry a black man who was right for me, though.

  • lol not where I live! I guess it depends on where youy live and what ethnicity is the majority and what is the minority.

  • definitely not true. it all depends on the girl and preference. most black girls I know only want to date black guys and I know tons of white girls that love black guys too. one of my closest friends its a little blonde white girl and she will ONLY date black guys. its all she goes for. she says she likes them because she finds herself physically attracted to them and loves the culture.

    i've only dated white guys but that's probably because the town I grew up in wasn't very diverse. I do find black men very attractive however. I would date a male of any ethnicity as long as I found their personality attractive as well.

  • Black men are VERY desirable! I am personally extremely attracted to them.

  • This is so wrong...I read somewhere that black men are the most desired men and Asian men are the least desired.I have no idea why because a man is a man.I don't discriminate.What studies are really showing is black women are actually the least desired women.I don't know why.

    • I'm a black woman....that saddens me. THAT SUCKS!

    • You're not alone.You just have to be open and that means other races too. Most black women have people that like them but some of us don't give guys of other races a chance. Could be missing out on something good you just have to be open but not desperate.

  • i don't think that's true I think it depends on the person but the stereotypes make it seem like theyre not desirable btw there are some racist a** people on here O_o

  • lol wtf das not true at all! Where'd you hear that from?

  • Noo! Not at all. I guess it really depends on who the individual is interested in. I'm in my first relationship atm and it's with a black guy. I love him to death the same way I would anyone else.

  • I like guys of all races. It doesn't matter. I'm a black woman and my first love was black. A lot of people commenting here are right. It just depends on the area you are in.

  • Unless you live in an area where people aren't exposed to blacks and have a lot of ingrained negative stereotypes, I'd say that's not the case. 90% of the guys I date are black and I don't notice them having too much trouble with the ladies lol

  • I love black guys. I would date them! Except I live in the whitest place on earth, and at my school- only 4 out of 1000 kids are black. But I think black men are hot!

  • i think it just depends on a person. I mean if you are trying to say most whilte girls don't like to date them? than I think so its just they are attracted to white guys, well at least most of the ones I know, or they were raised that way, or ye they are racist. now most black girls like black guys why b.c. they attracted to them. like I said it just depends if a girl is attracted to a black guy, I am attracted to a lot of them, white guys I am not go figure, I like spanish or black, or white not american greek or albanian, italian. just not regular white guys.

  • Are you serious ... get out of here with this nonsense.

    That is so NOT true on so many levels. It hurts just reading this. I do not know where this is coming from but don't assume, fall into opinion of those around you(invironment you reside in), degrade your pigmentation. I've dated plenty of races and I can tell you now black is best. you have to remember the overall percentage of blacks in the USA(small percentage) so of course it is going to seem like black men are less desirable. If the race all around was equal I garauntee you the opinions, stereotypes, statistics would differ. BLACK IS DESIRABLE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER RACE. End of descussion.

    • Well according to your spelling ,, you must be black cause of your spelling... anyways. black guys are white guys are POLAR OPPOSITES.... no one said black guys are unattractive... but they are known to be aggressive and like it in the butt..... and they steal and are lazy... period... and the ones that go to my job [im a waitress] NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR TIP... so I know... NONE tip... hatians are the worst ... jamaicans are ok... but not really black... more carribean than anything

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    • Caribbean is still black, genius. And for you to talk about saygoodnitenai's spelling, you sure have misspelled quite a few words trying to make that point yourself. Spellcheck much? Also maybe they picked up on your snotty attitude and didn't tip you because of that. =)

    • Just wow....

  • I dated 2 bad experience.. One was a Nigerian & I have heard and read about that they have the worst rep ever lies cheating and so on.. I belive there are some good out there! The other one lied to me aswell.. So I'm kinda confused, its wrong of me to judge all of them. They kinda scare me in a way cause so far I only been hurt.. And I get this feeling don't let them come too close or I'll get hurt again or I don't know.. But at the moment I'm heartbroken so yea.. Hopefully that can change

    I belive there are good ones out there I just didn't meet one yet :-/ !

  • yes I believe so because you guys are known to be aggressive and have too big of you know whats... which is cool but not for white people. ALso theyre scare of getting pregnant and having black babies with difficult hair to deal with. and they are better off with their own race because they can stand eachothers stench. this is my honest opnion.

  • I wouldn't say that. I am white and I find black guys very attractive. If a black guy ever asked me out I'd go out with him. I don't think I could make the first move though. I'm afraid of him thinking why is this white girl asking me out lol. There weren't a lot of black people where I grew up though.

  • noooo well at least not for me! all I date is black guys. I'm a black woman so really that's all I want to date anyway

    i think it depends on your area. if you live somewhere like maine and your the only black guy lol yeah most people wouldn't want to date you. most black guys I know are either in relationships or dealing with more than 2 females so no you guys are pretty wanted!

What Guys Said 15

  • No, it's the complete oppossite, at least from what I have observed, because the way society and the media potray it, whenever you think of someone who is a player or pimp, pick-up artist, the first race that comes to mind is a black man.

  • in my experience us white guys are the least desirable, at least to other white women anyway. they seem to prefer anything but white guys, lol.

    • BS, you probably just notice more when a white girl hooks up with a non-white guy. When we can't get any we often try to place the blame on an someone else, pointing to black guys is a good example of an obvious scapegoat. What you're saying sounds as bad [if not worse given the position of whites in society] as those black guys who say "Oh it's because I'm black etc."

  • No black guys are generally the most attractive guys(no homo). However to clarify don't try using that BBC deal to score women. Most of my friends are black, because of where I live and they are the coolest people to be around. Trust me man you will definitely find a girl.

  • Same stereotype where I live lol

  • In my experience a lot of women do like black guys...unfortunately those are often the WRONG women.

  • I had never heard that until I saw this question...now I feel, weird...thanks a*shole!

    • Lol my bad.

  • pretty sure thats white men by a landslide

  • don't generalize dude...forget about race it's all in your mind

  • I can understand what you are talking about, but I think the way you are phrasing it is incorrect... Black guys are highly desired, but the problem is not with black guys but the way black guys are portrayed and viewed by society...Check out what anonymous user (female) said...She obviously is speaking of something she heard, not anything she researched... Society has view black males as desirable both directly and indirectly. How? Here's a simple test, think of the type of people you would associate with these terms: Poor, violent, thug/gangster, drop out, aggressive, forceful, loud, and the list goes on and on... Now chances are when these words were said about a type of people, a black male crossed your vision more 3 times...See what I'm talking about... Check out the movies, black guys are in these movie (slight exceptions) are often poor living in the ghetto and they must use a sport / dancing in order to succeed in life, or they will end up dead or in a gang... And far too often it is a white person that helps them succeed...ahhh, there's a new word, success, not used often to describe a black males...Look at how they are dressed and portrayed, society does even include black males in the "worlds hottest guy" contest...I mean yeah you got denzel and will smith, but notice which way the scale is tipped, in who's favor, who is considered sexy or hot...And with that, then comes 'Anonymous User" (female) standing up and proving her case (FLAWED CASE, but a case never the less)...I am a black Haitian male, yes I grew up in the ghetto, but you wouldn't guess that the way I'm living my life. Some of my best friends are white and I've dated girls all across the color spectrum... But the initial viewing is not of attractive, but of personality after getting to know me, and I'm a good looking guy... This is why we are viewed as less desirable...Notice it even infiltrated your mind...

  • WEll... if you say that... then what about asians... they are shorter and less handsome!


  • I agree with what most people are saying regarding this topic. It really depends on where you reside and whom you grew up with. For me, I am an African American male who grew up in an Asian American culture. There weren't too many other African American's... Maybe only a handful of us but that being said, it really came down to the preference of the opposite sex. There is that stereotype out in society that all black men are thugs, uneducated, sex-craved animals but that isn't true. Not at all. In fact most people who I went to high school with went off to college to get a degree in something other than majoring in sports. I digress but to say we (black men) are least desirable just really depends.

    For me, yes we are least desirable when it comes to women dating men in general but that is because of where I live but that doesn't mean we aren't desirable at all. Not to throw a monkey wrench in the gears but if you look at our society as a whole, black men are the most imitable culture people try to mimic. (I know because I see it) Men of different culture and ethnicity try to mimic our culture while adhering to their own. Again, this is only for men that I've encountered this with and cannot speak for women.

    A little longer than it needed to be but hey I have to explain my thoughts :)

  • let me tell you a story,

    i was at this party once, like a dance party where everyone's grinding, and like I got a few girls, a few rejected me, same with my friends. but I saw this one black guy walk in and he just like walks into the group of people dancing and like 3 girls just like came out of no where and started grinding him. he like didn't even have to look for a girl, and I was looking for a while and couldn't find anyone since most of them wanted to dance by themselves, lol. so, according to that experience I would say that girls like black guys, quite a bit.

  • stereotypically you have a big **** so, you got an advantage already lol

  • Trust me bro, it doesn't seem like you're undesirable until you're an Asian guy living in a rural white college town in the southern USA. I totally can't get the time of day from local girls or girls from the other rural counties. Seriously, sometimes it feels like if she's not from the city, I'm a light year back.

    Well, and then on the other hand, I guess you don't have to trust me and I shouldn't tell you how you should feel.

    We all have our troubles dating for one reason or another. Even though I just pulled the race card because we're on the subject of it, I personally try not to think of myself as Asian (I'm only half, btw) or urban or this or that. In the end, if someone doesn't like me, it's because they don't like me. I'm different so they'll think "that type of guy isn't my type" when they turn me down, but I could still be a idiot jerk and her type and get turned down because I'm "not good for her".

    Maybe it feels like it's hard to get my foot in the door but it just makes me thankful for all the girls who showed me some kindness and gave me a shot. It's not like every girl out here has a thing against Asians (lucky for me I'm tall and athletic too, it helps not being a "normal Asian" in this way heh). If I get an audition, I still gotta get the part.

    So when girls don't like me, in the end, it's not because of race. Maybe less girls give me a chance but I still gotta try my hardest to be a good dude in the end of it.

  • to tell the truth I thought it was the other way round...

    Also most girls wouldn't turn away from a guy because he was black...

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