What do you do to calm yourself before an interview?

I've gone through this before, but it's never easy lol. I have an interview tomorrow, which I know is going to be super simple. I pretty much have the job already since my brother already works their so he put a word in for me. i got the call almost instantly. But I'm just so full of anxiety and nerves right now.. FOR NO REASON :(

What are can i do to calm myself down?


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  • I prepare like a demon for it - I know everything backwards

    • I'm considering just winging the whole thing lol. Like I won't come in completely unprepared, but I'm don't exactly know what will be asked so I'll just go with it

    • You can still have an idea of where they will go and just be confident in what you are talking about

    • Yeah, that's exactly how I'm going about it! Thanks for the help!


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  • i don't know i have never gone for a job interview because i have never worked

    i guess just try and stay positive and don't think to much of it if you have already pretty much gotten the job... nerves are normal


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  • I'm sure you did well in the interview :)

    One thing that's worked for me is that any interview that makes me nervous isn't the one for me. I am generally confident and assertive at the time of interview even if the interviewers think that my ideas are way off their path. It's attitude in the right sense that matters, keep that flag flying high and you'll seldom see failure :)

    good luck :)

  • Have someone ask you a bunch of questions that could be asked at the interview, and answer them. (You can find lots of sample interview questions online.) Then you'll actually be well prepared.

    Also, write down the things you're afraid might happen. It's been shown that writing down your fears, explicitly, helps you to resolve them.

    Good luck. You'll do great. :)

  • The gym always works for me