Please read this poem and rate it? out of 10?

My friend wrote this and she wants to submit this in class. please also say how she can improve
As I climb up the hill
and walk through the thorns,
I have hope that I reach
where I desire to be

As I burn and break
in my heart,
I still have hope that I'm
requited with the solace I seek

And as I lie on my bed musing,
I realise how brave I was,
to still hope even at times
of utter pain

Now I know that, that little hope
is what made me to the top.
Hope, it costs nothing,
yet brings you magic

Courage, some courage is all it takes,
dear heart.
So hold on because you never know
what tomorrow may bring



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  • I like the poem but it sounds like you are talking about two different things. In the first part you are talking about how much it takes to get to where you need to go and in the second part you are talking about the joys of finding success. Its a little different on both parts but a good poem. Keep up the good work!


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  • I think it's pretty good. I like all of it except that third stanza (I think they're called stanzas). Other than that I think it's really good.


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