What would happen if a man decided to end all life? And what's so wrong with it at all?

why dont men just believe that there is no love or life without torture, cruelty, destruction and use their sexuality to destroy life by using their sexual urges to absorb all the sadness and darkness in the world a body that is able to create sperm which create life and is also responsible for the design of the biodiversity of the species than that body must also conversely have the power to destroy all life. so why not use all the emotions such as the sadness and darkness, rage in your heart as a catalyst to turn yourself on instead of using the beauty of a woman to turn yourself on. would'nt that change the design of your own body into death itself and you would become death itself and find that converse power to destroy all life. wouldn't that make you a death god himself.


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  • You sound absolutely mentally ill. Reading this sent chills down my spine. You need to seek professional help immediately.

    “Wouldn’t that make you a death god himself” No, that would make you a shameless lunatic and one of the world’s most hated, despised, disgusting individuals. It would also make you every pervert’s target in jail.

    • Naah this what humanity deserve in the end for believing their superiority should not be challenged. CALL IT THE CONSEQUENCES OF CHOOSING THE SECOND OPTION "THE PATH OF JUSTICE" INSTEAD OF "THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS" AT ALL COSTS.

    • ... Brah. You crazy as hell.


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  • Because there are some men with sense, surprisingly, who don't believe that trash. If you want to off yourself, I'd try and help you. But at the end, if you're still intent on doing it, then you should be allowed to do it.

    • i have no clue by what you just tried to tell me. what do you mean by don't believe that trash

    • There are men who don't believe what you spewed thankfully.

  • how high are you?

    • Lol I was about to ask the same thing

    • no kidding lol @chris07

    • and whats so wrong what i am saying at all. human beings create a separate justice for others but want a different justice for themselves.

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  • Very very dark - Not sure what to say

  • Too abstract and no fundamentals. You basically just chose a path and let your mind wander. This doesn't really mean anything.

    • whats so abstract about it and how does it lack fundamentals.

  • I think you should seek therapy

  • You need therapy