I feel bad about myself?

Overall, I'm not pretty, my body is shaped funny, I have no life, and I'm sick of it. My mom doesn't let me do much or go many places. I used to tell myself to suck it up and that it's not that bad but I can't help thinking that I'm a terrible person. People tell me I'm a bitch, and I am sometimes. I don't want to compare myself to others but I can't help but notice my skinnier, constantly having fun, bikini clad peers. People tell me to just be happy with what I have but I can't help but hate feeling like being me is something to "get over" or "settle" for. I'm currently trying to lose my muffin top, and I try to wear some makeup. How can I fix myself for the better?


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  • Focus on serving God and praising him and obeying Him and don't worry too much if you aren't perfect looking. When you get into University in 2-3 years, none of that will affect your future. What matters in the end is your grades, your work ethic and your personality.


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  • Just continue being yourself, keep losing the weight and things might get better


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  • You need to learn to love yourself

    • I'm asking how can I do that? I'm not happy the way am and I want to know how to change to be happy