Should I or Shouldn't I go spend a few hours with a Korean Mormon guy?

So... a korean guy in korea offered me free korean lessons. interestingly, he never mentioned Jesus which was quite a new approach.

Of course I knew straight away he was mormon, I'm catholic and I'm pretty well versed in philosophy enough to rebuttal and convince him in a discussion. He said he wants to teach me for an hour korea, then 30 minutes talking about his church.

Should I or shouldn't i. I really like the free korean lesson but i don't think i'll go back for seconds


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  • Go for it.


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  • Don't do it. He's just a modern day missionary. He's doing exactly the same thing as the christians who made the poor, starving children in Africa or South America sit through bible lessons before they gave them some of their food. If he's a good person (both in secular and christian terms), he shouldn't trade his good deed for anything. He should teach you Korean simply because he likes to help you. If he can't be that altruistic, he should just leave it. And don't worry: I've lived in Korea myself and there are plenty of schools and people who will teach you Korean without trying to brainwash you and go through some stupid church-talk.

  • Take the free korean lesson