Does the media really shape your perceptions?

I have no intention of offending anyone of any color with question so I am sorry before hand if you take offense.

Recently the media has only been focusing on what they portray as race agaisnt race crimes or events. The majority of the events or crimes I have seen previousily throughout the last few years have been white on black, whether it was a white police officer or a white individual agaisnt a black individual or group. a lot of the information that is fed to us from the media though is biased and does not always give the full picture into the situaiton. So what I'm trying to say is does a crime have to be strictily a color based thing within the media one race agaisnt another or could it acutally be portrayed as one dumbass doing one dumbass action that causes reprecussions for everyone of the same color depending on who he or she hurts? opinions. Sorry if the offends anyone I had no intention of that when i thought of this question.


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  • People say it doesn't, but it does. If it didn't, people wouldn't be racist. Racism is just plain ignorance, they're ignorant of any real facts or even just life experience, all they know is what they've seen on TV all they've seen is somebody else's opinion, not facts. That's why I don't even bother with racists, they're just too dumb and it's really really difficult to hold normal conversations with dumb people.


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  • The " media " is controlled by those that do NOT have our interests at heart , it's run by the Rothschild / Rockefeller led Cartel , what THEY want is everyone fearing & hating everyone else , the age old " Divide & Rule " strategy ( even chimpanzees do this ! ) This is why every fucking " Ism " ( Feminism , Racism , Terrorism , Ageism etc ) is pumped out by the " media " propaganda machine... Josef Goebels would be proud !!

    Guys notice we are demonized by the " media " as worthless , stupid, expendable sex crazed rapists !! I strongly believe this is the reason that many Western women look down on men , being emotional thinkers girls & women are a bit more prone to this programming , the bastards know what they are doing , I stopped watching TV around 6 years ago. One result is in this very interesting article ( Ladies beware , there are quite a few bitter man comments !! )

  • I think a lot of things happen and the media go for the most explosive angle which at the moment is racial.

  • No it doesn't. It's a lame excuse for human natural responses and in-blood embeded actions.