What do you think the Greeks should do about the current economic crisis?

Do you think the Eurozone should bail them out, or do you think they made their bed and now have to lie in it?


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  • The Eurozone is rather tight knitted. I don't think the E. U. has another choice and Tsipras knows that as well as Merkel knows it.
    But think about this:
    Who helped the Greek hide their debt? Goldman Sachs As American as apple pie):

    The EU shows signs it wants to help the Greek out of it.
    The IMF seems to be blocking things (or slowing them down) :


    My gut feeling tells me there's more to it than just Greek retirees getting a pension.
    The problem with Greece is that it's a society with a poor middle class and a very rich upper class. The ship owners need only a few coded telexes to change a ship's flag (nationality) from Greek to Panamean or Liberian and can easily escape all kinds of taxes.
    Another problem is it's geography: the people living on the islands are so far away from Athens that any control and administration is difficult. With the capital that far away, registering and taxing incomes and real estate becomes difficult.
    Another problem was Turkey. Turkey ended the Colonel's putsch in Greece by setting foot aground on Cyprus. (to "help the Turkish Cypriots")
    During the build up towards the Iraq war, the US armed Turkey.
    Greece considered that a menace and EU , Russian and American arms industries were all too happy to sell Greece military equipment it didn't really need on VERY easy terms, leading to a huge debt ratio.

    Then during the previous Greek crisis the IMF committed gross errors in Greece:


    (under estimating the economic backlash from austerity politics) :

    Right now the EU gets the backlash of that. Greece is hit hardest, of course.

    • How will the Euros and Americans suffer?

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    • Tsypras and Varoufakis should send a 120 euro money order to the IMF with the mention:
      Dear IMF, due to capital controls and austerity measures we can only send you each 60 euro,
      Truly yours,
      Yannis and Alexis.


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  • The solution is as simple as reducing their government workers and diversifying their business into other areas. Maybe training people in farming and sewing etc... The problem is it takes high intelligence and organization to do this and the political environment is resisting change.

  • there fuc*€# !!!

  • i think the eurozone should help them, but i dont think they will


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  • Absolutely nothing

  • Greece is far better off leaving the Euro anyway.
    Germany etc only want them to stay in because it serves their interests.

    • Is Uk not on the Euro

    • No, we still have the pound.
      You're not confusing the Eurozone (countries which use the Euro as currency) and the EU (European Union), are you? Greece can go back to its old currency without having to leave the EU - although it's even debatable if membership of the EU is beneficial (there's going to be a referendum on the matter in the UK).

  • I am irish so part of me is saying we bit the bullet why can't they do it?

  • They should cut every welfare program they have so they stop losing money and people are forced to work, cut about 50% of their police/ military force (I mean no need for every police man to have full auto and riot gear), also do a massive govemebt lay off of about 60% of their employees, again all sound cruel but it will diversify their industry and create a private sector, while alps cutting government expenses

  • It's sad that noone is willing to help us... The future seems sad...

  • Vote "NO" on Sunday.