Has anyone ever been in court as a witness? What was it like?

So the guy who assaulted me has finally been nabbed by the officials and is in the process of being punished for not only my assault case, but the cases of three others. I'm really happy something is being done, but I didn't want to have any more involvement with the process after the investigators were finished with me.
I hate taking about what happened, it's stressful and it upsets me greatly. And on top of that, I'm extremely shy and don't do well in large groups of unfamiliar people- especially when all of them are focused on me. So you can imagine my horror when I was told I would be appearing in court. I had my first appointment with the prosecutor today and now I'm so nervous and upset...
So I guess what I want to know is-
What's it like being up there as a witness? Is there anything I can do to make this easier on me? What do I do if the defence starts being a prick?


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  • Real courtrooms are seldom emotional as portrayed in films. They are strictly interested in the facts.

    This man violated your right to be sovereign within the confines of your body. Summon the courage to look him in the eyes, point your finger at him and say “That man attacked me without provocation.”

    The defense would be foolish to heckle you. It will only generate more compassion for you as a victim in the eyes of the jury and it may irritate the judge.

    If he does harass you, answer directly, even if you are crying. Show no hesitation or uncertainty. Stick to what you know is the truth. Trust me, the defense attorney will crash and burn no matter how slick he is. And so will his client.

    • Thanks for the MHO! I hope your court date went well.

    • No court date yet, I'm away for work at the moment so I'll be getting filled in when I get back next month. I'm sure I'll be fine if I take your advice though!


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  • I've never been a witness, only a juror.

    Testifying is extremely important. It helps keep others from being harmed by the same offender.

    Remember that you can control how you behave and respond. Totally possible. Just be yourself. Be honest. You have nothing to fear. No matter what the defense attorney says or does, just be calm, assertive and honest. You'll do great. :)

  • The furthest I got was giving a statement to police about fight I saw - It was very detailed but not antagonistic.

  • Can't say I have, I've been called to jury duty before though, for a robbery case I think it was.

  • Nope but I have being called to jury duty, very boring though.

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  • Just bear in mind, those people are not there to judge you, they don't even care about you or who you are, they just want to hear you answer some questions.


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  • no i haven't. not yet anyway.