When you delete a contact from your phone list, they automatically get deleted from your whatsapp list. Do they know that they have been deleted?

Can they see your status?


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  • It depends. Go to your privacy setting, you can change on their who can see your last seen, photo and status. You can choose between everyone, only contacts (the numbers you saved) or nobody :)


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  • Yeah they will be automatically deleted from whatsapp. Concerning , whether they'll be able to see your status or not , that depends on your settings. If you share your status everyone ( default ) they will still be able to see your status , but if you adjusted it to " my contacts " they won't see it when you remove them. The third option is to share it with no one , so no one including those who are already on your contact list will see it. hmm no i don't think they'll know anything.


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