How is Orlando Fl to get some stage time doing stand-up Comedy? Is it possible to go up on stage twice a night?

I am an aspiring comic I have one solid year under my belt, but I want to get really good before I move to Chicago or La. My parents and all of my siblings live in Orlando. So I thought I find out before I move there.


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  • FL has a few big cities that will be good for your career. Orlando is one of the big ones with a lot of turism and things to do so I don't see how that would be bad for you. Also you are driving distance from other cities that also have clubs or bars where I'm sure they have open mic at least once a week.
    MOVE BRO! And send me tickets once you do. I might be in FL once that happens lol


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  • There is a really popular comedy club in downtown Orlando I forgot the name of it. But that place is packed for all their shows if you get tickets to get in good luck finding parking, it's that busy.