Can anyone here write with their non-dominant hand?

Let's say that the criteria for 'writing' would be to write at a reasonable speed and the words written should also be readable.
Is your ability acquired or innate?

Boring classes has allowed me to learn this ability and I can now write nearly as well as my other hand. Although, it still feels off when I pick up a pen and start writing.

  • I can write with both hands, barely.
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  • I can write with both hands, fairly well.
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  • I can only write with my dominant hand.
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  • I can write with both hands. Had to teach myself to be dominant with my left hand.


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  • I used to practice writing with my left hand but I gave it up. I can do it kind of ok but it would be easier for me to just type if something happened to my right hand.

    • Yeah, that's true. Never thought about it that way.
      I just find training my shitty hand to be quite addictive.

  • I'm right handed, but I can use my left hand to write as well. I started to use my left hand to write when I was approximately 12 years old because sometimes classes were boring.

    • Any tips? Haha

    • Haha all I can say is practice makes perfect 😊 had to thank those boring classes throughout this five years tho.

  • Just tried it :D
    I guess this doesn't count.

  • I can sort of write with my other hand, though it's easier to draw with it in my case haha

    • You can draw with your non-dominant hand? Wow, that's a first..

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    • Sure. I'd love to see it!

      Admittedly I spent more time on the left hand one haha

  • I can't even write with my dominant hand, if it has to be 'readable'.


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