Why are some people's professional priorities mixed up?

You would think in this world's economy, anyone and everyone would welcome overtime (to a point, anyways). Well, not my coworker. I'm already working overtime, but he's being offered an extra shift and he's looking to turn it down (he says he has to wait to see what the supervisor says if he can work the extra shift). He has a day shift (we work after hours) that he works, but it's unnecessary because there is already enough people during the day shift. What the hell, dude? Just say yes! We (employees) watch our own schedule. So, unless a very big scheduling conflict arises, we don't go to our supervisor to check on every little thing for shift/schedule changes. Dude, your priorities should mainly be after hours, not day shift!!! That's what you were hired to work.


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  • Maybe his transportation or a home issue are concerns for him. You just never know what other people have going on.

    • Then, I'm wondering why he even took the job in the first place.

    • Everyone needs a job. And what they can work with as part of their normal shift is different than what they can manage with over time.


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  • Maybe his supervisor honestly frowns on people working extra shifts on the same day. It's been shown that people tend to lose productively and make more errors after a certain point in workdays. But squeezing out a few less efficient hours seems to be more cost-effective than hiring a fresh new body to work.

    I'm on salary making 34K (not much in my area), so I work overtime and don't get paid... worst of both words!


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  • Maybe he he has some thing going on at that time he'd rather do. Quality of life is most UMP.

    • Like what? He works other days in that week, so it's not like he's taking a week of vacation. He said he could, and then later says he can't.

    • It must just not be as important to him. And that's okay