What does that rosé thing taste like?

Is it considered alcohol? Can you drink it under 18 (not 21, I don't live in US)?


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  • It is a wine, sort of half way between red and white. It can be just as strong in alcohol. If you are in the UK, then you can't drink it out if you are under 18. What your parents allow you to do in the privacy of your own home is up to them.

    My parents taught my sister and I all about alcohol a few years ago. We both have a serious respect for it and are fully aware of the possible effects of too much!!

  • Rose is alcohol


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  • Rosé is a "pink" wine. It's delicious but it's still alcohol, as strong as red and white whine. So no, you can't buy it.

  • Its wine. if your parents let you drink it in your own house then do you.
    you can't drink it in public or buy it till you're of age though.

    • 3 years and 7 years until I can buy it. Just wondering, what would they do of I somehow got it without parental consent and drank it in public? Fine them?

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    • So you're 15? i'd suggest not even bothering. Your parents can get it some trouble depending on where you live. i know in California if the cops are feeling mean they can have cps come and you don't want that.

    • I'm actually 14 and I live far, far from America in a land where if your family is drinking, they almost always offer you some. In Turkey, as far as I know, you get all the adult rights except being elected at 18. But they were thinking about lowering it too.