Who are your role models when it comes to your personality?

Who do you look up to in terms of behavior and your movement etc...
-Asap rocky: i like his style, what he says and confidence.. Im nearly mirroring this dude lol
-Chris Brown: same as above only a bit less, i like his hair choices more tho
-Kanye West: i mean man, who doesn't want that confidence, I've been called cocky: but idgaf... means im intimidatng you with my powerful wisdom and wordchoice
-Drake: i take most of his love shit combined with rocky when it comes to approaches...

I used to blend some Brad Pitt/Leonarde DC in me aswel, but I've gone full ^


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  • I would say both my parents are big role models for me. They have a very different character and mentality and so they make for a good combination. My dad is Greek and he is what I'd call a bon vivant. Because of him I got into cooking challenging dishes and enjoying fine food. He also likes to party (he's a very good dancer) and he has excellent people skills. I think my people skills are decent but I always try to look at him for some improvement. He's also very easy going with a lot of things, which can be very nice. My mom on the other hand was born in Switzerland but she has a lot of German blood in her (parents from both sides etc.). Her personality is actually more German than Swiss. She's got a self-discipline like nobody else I've ever met in my life. It's really crazy. She's been smoking since she's a teenager but only 3 cigarettes every day. There was no single day I could remember when she ever had four (or two). When has to work a lot (she's self employed and often has to work at home too), she just sits down and does it. My dad needs a lot of time to motivate himself but she does it right away. She's also got many of the other typical German (and sometimes Swiss) stereotypes in her personality. She's extremely punctual (when she says she comes at 5 p. m. that means she will be there between 4.59 and 5.01, it's really crazy), she's very exact about her work and she likes everything clean (which can be nice sometimes). However, the most typical German thing about her is that she is incredibly direct. I mean, Swiss people are already more direct than Brits or Americans, but Germans are like a whole different level. When she feels like she was treated wrongly, she will say it straight away, even if that person has a lot of authority or if he looks like somebody you'd better leave alone. Because of her directness, she's also painfully honest. While this can be embarrassing sometimes when I'm out in the city with her, it can also be very inspiring. There have been many moments in my life where I was treated unfairly and I acted like my dad (Greek), so I was just smiling and apologizing and thinking something nasty inside, when really, I should have stood up for myself like my mom does. And what I particularly like about her directness is that she's so direct that only very few non-Germans can handle it. She doesn't insult people, she just says something in a way that leaves most people speechless (if necessary), which can be a pretty cool skill.


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  • There used to be this really charming rich girl in my classes who always had the respect and love of everybody because of the way she carried herself. I thought she seemed classy and poised.

    • well i know a lot of those girls who open up to me and are actually really fucking broke and broken inside

  • Gandhi - his passion for helping others
    Audrey - her classy simple style of life
    Einstein- his cleverness
    Emma Watson- true beauty inside and out
    Jolie- not caring what others say about her and putting needs on others too
    Talie- RIP her strenght
    Micheal Jackson- his talents
    Madre Teresa- her faith for God
    Edgar Ellen poe- love his books
    Jesus- being a good leader
    and many other people such as psychologist, writters and celebs :)

    • well im sure if youd be all that youd be actaully a very sad person...

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    • i mean drugs like marihuana cocaine etc you can actually drink a glass of whine daily :) and smoking dont get me wrong but its bad too

    • i think weed is actually better than alcohol, and it feels better aswel lol but yea whatevs

  • My aunt, everything about her is just.. So amazing!!

    • wow thats great that you have a rolemodel in your FAMILY circle.. i dont :/

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    • Thanks for the encouragement :)
      Your words made me smile :)

    • yeah I've been in that dark corner aswel, feeling like a dark bloom in a room... but I've turned all the things neg about me in the things that make me, ME. people used to say im shy, non fashionable etc... Well now people beg me for fashion advice, if im quiet they think im nuts etc...
      now they call me arrogant which i love, seems like people dont appreciate people who mind their own fucks :p

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  • Usually my family

  • I don't try to mirror them but I see myself in a few celebrities.

    Childish Gambino: his nerdy and laid back style and his goofiness
    James Franco: being very comfortable with sexuality
    Seth Rogen: Sick sense of humor

    There are others but this is what comes to mind

  • Mine isn't an actual person so much as a character of a show. 'hawkeye' from m*a*s*h and jim halpert are my role models.

  • Probably my parents dude

    • thats cool what did you learn from them

  • Jennifer Lawrence? Kind of open ended, relaxed

    I only really have real people I look up to

  • Clint Eastwood. Dean Winchester. Indiana Jones. Tupac.

    • well i assume you are like a leader... and that you like to be in power due to your "grande" wisdom and you're way of not only blending words as to make them seem more empowering but you do have the actions to showcase em

    • They are all men worthy of respect.

    • yes cause of what they did, and the impact they had on the people surrounding them

  • Lisbeth Salander, not only are our experiences with psychiatry and the public center equally horrible. She managed to find a way out and get revenge on same time and she fills me with hope that there's a way out of big pharma.

    • tbh i didn't quite understand it :p but i assume you talk about the general observation of ourself and the whole society?

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    • *Someone

    • being jiggy makes you fresh and fashionable :p