How to deal with people on here who antagonize me?

I find myself constantly frustrated with certain people on here who always come at me with really negative, rudely stated comments. It's not like they respect my opinions or have any intention of having an actual unbiased discussion about the topic for the benefit of others--it's always about how my ideas are somehow dumb and wrong and there are ideas are somehow well thought out even though they're clearly copy and pasted from facebook/instagram "uplifting quotes."

When I try to address them in an intelligent way (by pointing out obvious holes in their logic) I find they respond with sheer stubborn stupidity to do anything but sling mud at my ideas as if the sheer willpower of their desire to be seen as smart blocked out the ability to comprehend logic and reason. Then I finally attack them back on similar terms and at that point I don't like who I've let myself become. I just hate when pseudo intellectuals (those who enjoy being seen as intellectual but, unlike intellectuals, don't actually enjoy or want to make use of their intellect) antagonize me and I'm forced to either ignore them or enage in some juvenile "no, you're the dumb one" match. I just don't understand what they want from me? If I say "ok, you can form sentences together, i see that you're not retarded" they will leave?

"Every form has its own meaning. Every man creates his meaning and form and goal. Why is it so important--what others have done? Why does it become sacred by the mere fact of not being your own? Why is anyone and everyone right--so long as it's not yourself? Why does the number of those others take the place of truth? Why is truth made a mere matter of arithmetic--and only of addition at that? Why is everything twisted out of all sense to fit everything else? There must be some reason. I don't know. I've never known it. I'd like to understand.


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  • i don't understand y don't u just block em and waste yer time n energy on 'em o_O


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  • Block them.


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  • @pavlove
    AS long as you're not insulted, accept the fact that they have different views on the subject. If their logic is flawed, expose the flaws.