My dream. I'm scared (long sorry)?

I just woke up from this really terrifying dream and I just feel the need to share what happened. It was really short but it's the ending that got to me. It appeared I was out late with a sister and we were running back home to our rooms. We knew someone was on their way to check if we were there (our mother?). We got back to the room and jumped in bed and pretended to be asleep. I heard someone walk in the room and then suddenly something hit my neck. This made me wake up! The scary part is that I kept feeling things hit me and it felt like something was on me. At this point I was terrified so grabbed my phone next to my face and turned on my flashlight and looked out from under my blanket. There's nothing there o. o I still have my flashlight on and my neck still feels weird. There were also really weird noises when it was happening but my dad is watching a movie in the other room and people were cheering so I think my mind distorted it. Has this happened to anyone? Can anyone explain what just happened to me? I'm terrified!


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  • Probably sleep paralysis. It's what happens when the mind wakes up but the body is still under. Happens to me a lot. Did it feel like a weight on your body or did you feel like you were moving through sand?

    • It felt like weight. Like someone touching me or laying their arms on me.

    • It's most likely sleep paralysis then. Most people experience it once or twice in their life. It's what happens when the body is asleep while the brain has woken up. Because the brain can't understand why the body can't move, it tends to just make things up. People with sleep paralysis have reported seeing people sitting on them, demons holding them down, etc. All that is though is just the brain making something up to explain why it won't move. It's a natural thing.


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  • This happened to my niece once but I just ignored it and tucked her in her bed again but while I was doing that she asked me to check under her bed for ghosts again and so I did. I get down to my knees and checked under her bed and to my surprise I see my niece under there! She quickly whispers to me, "uncle, there's someone in my bed." ...

    • Oh thanks so helpful xD I'm totally not already dying here!

    • You are so mean to scare the poor girl.! Sometimes the mind will misinterpreted sounds around us and play into our dreams. So that upon awaking, our dreams almost feel apart of our reality. My suggestion would be to get out of bed, and go and get yourself a drink, maybe sit on the couch and chat to your Dad etc, whatever gives you a sense of normalcy. than go back and relax and think pleasant thoughts. You should than have a good nights rest.

  • All I can say is that a nightmare on elm Street was loosely based on a true story

  • Too much drugs bro. Got you trippin' like a mugg. It could be that you were still half asleep and your brain distorted what was real and what was a dream and combined it.


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