Have you been seeing a column of related searches with gag? again and again and again?

this is soooo fucking annoying.. i close it and it comes back again.. and again. and again.. how to get rid of it?


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  • I have had my browser do some oddball things when I accidentally hold my control key down instead of the shift key. Like I intend to start something like "I believe..." and instead of a capital "I" I am hitting a control "I". Make sure you are not doing that.

    • i removed some useless things from my browser.. and it is working fine now.. thanks for help... :)

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    • Thank you for MHO :-)

    • you are welcome... :)

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  • No but the only javascript I allow on this site are girlsaskguys. com and google. com. There are tons of other scripts trying to run. Stopping them does not interfere with functionality for me. (But I have never seen this site with all scripts running.)

    When you limit javascript your life changes. No kidding. Suddenly there's virtually no clutter on any website, no screaming ads, no animated shit popping up all the time--and virtually no viruses. Noscript is a dream. Plus you can read the New York Times for free in perpetuity (don't tell anyone).

    • thanks for help... i removed some things from my browser and it is working fine now... (i won't tell anyone)

  • Do you mean when you type something in the search and it gives a list of what you might be looking for?

    • no.. it just comes out of nowhere.. no matter what i am doing.. it sort of slides the whole page..

    • Well Nope then

  • Tried it just now - It was fine for me

  • No I've not


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