Confused about who I am now?

I was going through a few old videos I had, which I made at home with my friends/some phone conversations with friends.. I'm actually surprised because I have very difficult kind of conversations and a very big change in my life has been my appearance. I get so much more attention now than I used to earlier, and sometimes I feel like my personality is lacking and no one sees me beyond just a "pretty face" I'm not saying I think so but that's all people talk about - my appearance. Earlier, it used to be how funny I am.. Now it's all about how look.
Another important thing is that I have been off dating since my first (and only) ex boyfriend and it's been a year and a half since the break up and I almost feel like I still love him.
I don't know, I just think I've changed a lot as a person and I want to know if it's normal. If it helps, I'm talking about when I was 16 vs almost 20 now.


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  • That is the time in your life when it FEELS like you go through biggest personality change it just takes time to settle into new role


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  • people change. its normal.