Do you think this looks bad?

Do you think this looks bad?


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  • Looks like you have been unhappy about something! It's strange, but earlier today, my sister and I passed a young girl in her early 20's with regularly spaced scars on her thighs. She was wearing shorts. Luckily she was with a guy and seemed happy.

    Are these self inflicted? I hope not. They certainly don't look bad. It's the possible reason behind them that is of concern. Can you put my mind at rest and tell me these are from some unfortunate accident and not deliberate?

    Forgive me if I'm barking totally up the wrong tree! I hope I am!

    • I was helping my parents move metal tiles and they scratched me I don't cut myself

    • Thank goodness for that. That's made me so happy!! So sorry for doubting you, but what I saw yesterday filled me with great sadness. I don't want anyone to do what this lass had done. When I saw your pic my first reaction was , "Oh!! No!! not two in one day!"


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