Has anyone been or knew someone who had anorexia because I want to know how fast they drop off weight bc I think one of my friends might be?

My friend is dropping off weight fast and I'm not sure if she is just eating healthy or She has an eating disorder bc when we go somewhere she won't eat anything ( the places are mostly really hard to eat somthing heathy ). I've talked to her about it. But I think she might be lying. So once again how fast do they drop off weight.


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  • It depends.
    I gained weight before i lost it, like most people do.
    you body goes into starvation mode and its awful.
    lying about it is definitely something to be worried about because people with eating disorders do lie about it. hopefully if it is an eating disorder she realizes the long term effects before it actually happens. The shit i go through every day because of mine is not something i would wish on anyone

    • What's starvation mode? How is it awful?

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    • Do some research on it. It can kill you pretty quickly. And I've had it in and off since i was 9.

    • Oh my. I'm so sorry.


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  • It can happen pretty quickly. If you're worried about your friend, you should probably tell someone about it, so if it's true it can be addressed. That can kill quickly, and the body can only take so much.

    Author's note: Off topic, but wanted to mention it - love Chi's Sweet Home! Nice avatar. :)

    • Okay. I'll do that. Thanks!!

  • It depends on what she's doing. If you think she's on a diet, ask her specifics, like what she does for exercise and what her meal plan is. If she was overweight, no judgment from me, then she could lose weight very quickly.

    Most people can lose 10 lbs in a week by dropping salt consumption and sweating out their water weight. After that 10 lbs it gets more difficult to drop weight because most weight left is dat or muscle and its hard to burn or lose either.

    I'd say spend a full day with her. Go over in the morning and go out for lunch or dinner. That way you can actually see what she is doing. If its a diet she'll eat her meal plan, if its a disorder, you'll see her not eating all day.


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  • weight drops off very quickly in the first week or sop even iff you're eating. after that you can't lose it quickly even if you dont eat. just bc she doesn't want to eat crap means she's anorexic. if you're eating in unhealthy places then she's being rational by not eating there. and if she wants to lose some weight thats her business. anyhow most people in the us are overweight and want to lose weight so anorexia is pretty meaningless unless she strops doing things she regularly does bc she's thinking of losing weight. losing weight in its;ofd doesn't mean anything,.

    anyone anorexia or not can lose about 30 pounds in a month by cutting back on their intake. . a lot of that is extra water attached to muscle. after that you lose m, maybe a pound a week. but none of that tells you if she has a problem.

  • I was anorexic at 12 years old and I lost about 15 - 20 pounds in 10 days.

    • How did you over come it? And did you gain a lot of weight back afterwards?

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    • Yeah! and the same thing can happen to you too! Just believe and refocus your life.

    • I am a Christian so I'm glad to hear you are one too. :)

  • The best thing to do is ask your parents about it and ask them to talk to your friend's parents.

    • But what if it's not true? I'm scaried she will get mad if it's not true.

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    • Sick. Thanks for your help!!

    • Good luck!