Happy Fourth of July! How do other nations celebrate their independence?

To GAG users outside the United States, how do you celebrate your nation's independence? Do you have parades and fireworks and stuff like that as well? Do you celebrate in some other way? Is it just another day?

To my fellow Americans, Happy Fourth!

If you have an independence day, that is...


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  • Our national holiday is on 1st of August. It's not an independence day but more of celebration of the birth of our nation, which was in the year 1291. Though there's quite a lot of mythology connected to this celebration because we're obviously not celebrating the foundation of the modern, democratic state (which was only in 1848) but the earliest historically proven act of what you could call a declaration of independence (basically the medieval people of the original Swiss provinces got together after they had kicked the ass of their previous occupier, the Austrian house of Habsburg and they wrote a document on which they declared that they wanted to be independent and govern themselves). The date is completely random, which I also think is rather funny/bizarre. This is because there is no exact date on this medieval document but the Swiss people in the 19th century wanted to establish some kind of national holiday. So they just kind of went "We know it happened but we have no idea when exactly this happened, so let's just say it happened on the 1st of August. Seems like a nice day to celebrate".
    Nowadays the celebrations are usually pretty small. Swiss people are not very much into pompous patriotism I think, which is why we don't have any parades or the like. We also don't have any big fireworks. People just kind of get together, invite their friends or neighbors and make a nice BBQ evening/night. Some people go for a night-walk to the top of the hills outside their village/town around midnight and light big fires up there. But that's pretty much it. I think we regard the part of just spending some quality time together as more important than the cause itself.


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  • Oh so that is the reason behind the whole 4th July hype. I get it now

    I live in the UK and I've never seen any USA born citizens celebrate their independence day here in the UK but I've seen a variety of things for Pakistan Independence day - like henna stalls, ethnic food stalls, carnivals and many other things

  • Well Canada day is July 1st and we just did a barbecue and fireworks. That's what most people do. I'm sure there are parades in other places of the country but not here. Last year we went down to Niagara Falls for a joint Canada day/4th of July celebration. Didn't go this year but it was fun.

  • It's on the 18th of November, and yeah, we have fireworks, parades, decorations, concerts, all that shitz.


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